Josh Crozier

I’m Josh.  I write primarily about education, especially as it pertains to school climate and students at-risk, especially in alternative education environments.  I also write about the environment, primarily in an educational context.  I want to help my students, my school and my planet grow to their healthiest, most amazing potential.

Environment:  I’ve initiated a number of school ground greening projects that have put hundreds of native trees and shrubs in Ontario schools.  And I’ve worked to support other schools doing the same.  I regularly partner with a wide array of environmental community groups in order to get projects done such as our stewardship and invasive plant removal in a local park.  My schools have been certified EcoSchools Gold since 2010 when I first became involved. In the last two years, my school has been named one of the top-3 “Green High Schools” in Canada!  Because of this work, I’ve been named a “Friend of the Credit River” by the Credit River Conservation Authority.

School:  I’m a department head at my secondary school where I co-ordinate alternative education programs and monitor students at-risk both in and outside of those programs.  I work to improve our school’s climate in a variety of ways including the Attachment Project I co-founded which measures the student experience within our school and works to improve that experience every year.


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